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Galfan Wire For Gabions And High Security Fencing

Galfan wire is a special galvanized wire with a hot dip coating of a metal alloy (5% aluminum and 95% zinc alloy) material. It is especially suitable for outdoor, humid and oceanic climate. The alloy zinc coating sprayed steel wire has strong ductility and deformability. The galfan wire can be processed technically by deforming, winding or bending without cracking and shedding of zinc layer. It is used primarily for mesh gabions and fencing processing.

Zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel (Galfan) wire is made of 6.5 mm low-carbon steel wire by drawing, high-temperature annealing, pickling and rust removing, hot-dip galvanizing with zinc-aluminum alloy.
Wire diameter ranges from 1.24mm-5.5mm.
Galfan coatings can be Al 5%, Zinc 95%, or Al10%, Zinc 90%.

Corrosion resistance: about 2-3 times that of ordinary galvanized steel wire

Coating material: Zinc aluminum alloy
Coating process: Thermal spraying

Major Products ( Classified according to wire sizes and packing forms)

Galfan Coated Wire (Zn95% & Al 5%) Diameter 3.05 mm with Different classes of coating:


Product Size

Tensile Strength

Galfan  Coating


Dia. 3.05mm  - Galfan Class 3 coating

Max 485Mpa

Min 259g/m2


Dia. 3.05mm  - Galfan Class 1 coating

Max 485Mpa

Min 92g/m2

Galfan Wire Coils for Galfan Gabions

Galfan wire as excellent corrosion resistant material, is mainly used for producing of wire meshes, especially galfan gabions.
Heavy Galfan Wire Mesh Gabions   4mm Zinc Aluminum Alloy Coated Galfan Gabion Wire Rolls
Individual Galfan(zn-al alloy) Steel Wire, with 245 GSM zinc coating 95% and Aluminium Coating 5%, for welded mesh gabions.
Tensile strength: Min. 550 N/sqmm.
Wire dia required: 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm.
Packing: In big coils 50 to 500kg.

Heavy Galfan wire with PVC coating

Galfan PVC coated wire, Knitted wire for galfan gabions: 3.7mm with PVC coating (2.7mm heavy Galfan core wire), with a heavy GALFAN (ZnAL) coating of min 245gr/m2. Finished gabions: 80x100mm hexagonal woven mesh galfan gabions
Packing: Coils Weight 500kgs.


Galfan Wire of ASTM B 958, ASTM B 857, ASTM B 750 Standard

Appearance: Smooth surface, no harmful defects, no crack.

Diameter: 3.16 ㎜ ± 0.051 ㎜.

Chemical composition of steel:

C Mn P S Si
0.5 ~ 1.00 0.40 ~ 1.30 ≤ 0.035 ≤ 0.045 0.15 ~ 0.60

Chemical composition of galfan coating:

Al Ce + La, total Fe Si Pb Cd Sn Others, each Others, total Zn
4.2 ~ 6.2 0.03 ~ 0.10 ≤ 0.075 ≤ 0.015 ≤ 0.005 ≤ 0.005 ≤ 0.002O ≤ 0.02 ≤ 0.04 Remainder

Tensie strength: ≥ 1.86 ㎬

1% tensile stress: ≥ 1.52 ㎬

Eleongation: ≥ 3.5%

Modulus of elasticity: 21,000kgf/mm2 (Reference value)

Thermal expansion coefficient: 11.5 x 10-6/oC (Reference value)

Density: 7.78 g/cm3(Reference value)

Mass of Zn coating: ≥ 259 g/㎤

Wrap test: Not break 4D x 8Turns

Adherence of coating test: No crakcing or flaking the coating.


Galfan Wire Stranding

Appearance: Surface is smooth, no cracks.

Grease: Grease shall be applied on stranded wire including center wire.

Stranded wire diameter: 9.48mm.

Direction of outer strand: Right hand.

Lay ratio: 16~26 times.

Weight without grease:430 kg/km about.


Galfan Wire for 358 Mesh High Security Fencing

Galfan or Bezinal Galvanized Wire, Welded Fencing Wire
Wire: Ø 4mm Zinc-Alu drawn wire (Galfan or Bezinal); wire diameter tolerance: +/- 0.08mm
Transversal (horizontal) wires: 13mm centres
Longitudinal (vertical wires): 75mm centres
Aperture: 75mm x 13mm
Wire resistance welded at each intersection.
Tensile Strength: 500-625 MPA.
Zinc Coating Mass: 265 gm2


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