Anping Annealed Wire Factory
Produces and Exports Black Annealed Wire
We supply quality annealed wire for construction and industrial uses, as tie wire, baling wire, binding materials.

Standard Packing

Metal Wires ( annealed, galvanized and black iron) are packed in standard export packing suitable for ocean shipping.

Forms: Bundles, rolls, coils, sticks or spools.

Spool Wire

We have spooling and winding devices and can supply iron wire packed in iron spools, from 1kg to 100kg (about 2.2046 to 220.46 LB).
Example: Black Anneled Wire, Dia. 0.0625", Length 95.98ft, package type: spool wire with a weight of 1lb

Coiled Wire

Small Coil or Big Coil Package.

Small coil wire can be used with tie wire dispenser box.
Packaging Details for binding wire coils:
1. Inside with plastic film and outside with hessian
2. Inside with plastic film and outside with woven bag
3.In wooden case per inquiry.

We have wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter. Big coils of maximum 2203LB per coil can be supplied.

Wire Rolls

Example: 9 Gauge Annealed Wire is packed in 100lb rolls.



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