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All our wire products are manufactured under careful quality control process.


Our factory has state-of-the-art equipment for high efficiency and good quality in production.

Wire drawing machines

Galvanizing line

Annealing equipment

Wire straightening and cutting machines

Wire bending and forming devices

Wire winding and spooling devices

Quality control devices


We have spooling and winding devices and can supply iron wire packed in spools, from 1kg to 100kg (about 2.2046 to 220.46 LB).

We have oxygen free annealing production line to process annealed wire from quality wire rod of 6.5mm. Wire gauge ranges from 5# to 38#, in wire diameter ranging from 0.17 to 4.5mm. 

We have wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter. Big coils of maximum 2203LB per coil can be supplied.

We provide all types of annealed wire sized to your specifications.


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