Anping Annealed Wire Factory
Processes and Exports Black Annealed Wire
We supply iron wire for construction and industrial uses as tie wire, baling wire, binding materials.

Steel rods for export

We export steel rods meeting various standards, suitable for various applications. Diameters supplied ranges from 6.5mm to 13.0mm.

Main Types
Steel rod coils are mainly supplied for wire mesh industrial, in processing of wires. The high / medium / low carbon steel rods are drawn into wires of different sizes. Then going through redrawing, or annealing, galvanizing, to become industrial wires for a wide range of uses.

Carbon Steel Rod:

Quality: Q195-Q235 A, B, 1008-1022, SWRM8K;
Quality: HRB400;
Quality: 10#, 20#-60#, 65#-70#, 75#, 80#, 80#-1, 80#-2, SWRH42A-SWRH62A, SWRH67A-SWRH72A, SWRH77A, SWRH82A, SWRH42B-SWRH62B, SWRH67B-SWRH72B, SWRH77B, SWRH82B.

Special Steel Rod:

Spring steel rod:65Mn、60Si2MnA;
Alloy steel rod: 20Mn2, 20MnSi, 30MnSi;
Weldable steel rod: H08Mn2SiA, ER70S-6, G60, H08MnSiCuCrNi, H08MnSiCuCrNiII.



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