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Processes and Exports Black Annealed Wire
We supply iron wire for construction and industrial uses as tie wire, baling wire, binding materials.

Agricultural Baling Wire

Annealed wires with black oxide finish are commonly used in baling of agricultural and industrial materials. For cotton and hay, woven sack, polyethilene film waste, corrugated cardboard, cartons, waste papers auto baling procedure in the recycling industry. Export to European countries.


The annealed wire goes through cutting, bending, looping, twisting or winding.
Finished Forms: Coils, cut and looped with single or double loop.

Major Products ( Classfied according to wire sizes and packing forms)

Black Soft Annealed Baling Wire in approx.1000 kg Orbit Coils

Packing: Big coils 1000kg, wrapped in plastic and securely strapped with six (6) straps.
Wire Diameter: 3.15mm.

Black Soft Annealed Preformed – Pre Cut Double Loop Ends Baling Wire Ties

Size: Wire Diameter: 3.50mm –
Wire Tie Length: 4600m.
Packing: In bundles of 100 per Carton.


Single Loop Baling Wire Ties,
Galvanized and Black Annealed

3.3 mm Single loop tie wire, twist ties with one end loop

Cut baling wire with twisted looped ends:
galvanized and annealed, cut length 6 m, wire diamater 3mm
Cut and looped baling wire black annealed: 3.3mm x 4800mm
Cut and looped baling wire black annealed: 3.1mm x 4300mm
Wire sizes: 11, 12, 13 and 14 gauge
Packing: Pallet package with easy dispensing of one bundle at one time for auto baling machines

Black Annealed Oiled Tie Wire,
Designed for Plastic & Carton Baling Press Machine


Fully Annealed Wire for Carton Baling Press Machine, Black Wire, Oiled, Wire thickness 3.0 mm

Box Wire:
Diameter: 0.135 inch, 0.12 inch, 0.10 inch, oiled wire

Packing:100 lb. coils packaged in cartons / boxes, 36 boxes to a pallet.


Dispenser Box for Wire Feed, Dimensions: 38cm x 25cm x 28cm

Wire feeding stand


Automatic Baling Wire Dark Annealed
Designed for Baling of Waste Cardboard


Black Annealed Baling Wire Coils in 3mm

Material: Low Carbon, Soft Annealed.

Quality - C 1.0010 to DIN 17007

Analysis: Carbon     – C - < 0.100%,
Phosphorus – P - < 0.095% Max.,

Sulphur    - S - < 0.080% Max.

Tensile Strength:   350 - 450 N/mm2.

Elongation: 12% at 254mm.

Diameter Tolerance:  + /- 0.04mm.

Quantity Tolerance:  + /- 0.5%.

Quantity tolerance per spool: + 3%/ - Nil%.   
Surface: Black and slightly oiled.

Packing Option:  

a) In Spooless Cores of approx 40 - 50 kg rolls. 

Core size: OD – 336mm, ID – 208mm, Height – 152mm

Packed in cartons, strapped onto a wooden Pallet

b) On continuous length Orbit Coils each approx 900 - 1,000 kg,
securely strapped with six (6)
then wrapped with plastic and placed on a carrier.
Orbit Coil  dimensions: OD 900mm, ID 500mm, Height 152mm.


Cotton Baling Wire

1.0mm x 120mm Black Annealed Tie Wire

Manufactured for Portugal Market
Material: bright annealed wire
Sizes: 1.0 mm x120mm, 1.0 mm x160mm, 1.0 mm x200mm
Packing: In bundles of 1000pcs then in wood europallets,
with top wood board well fastened with strapping and protected with sea packing.

Hay Baling Wire

100lbs Hay Baling Wire

For balers of hay, wheat, sorghum, corn alfalfa.
Quality: Meets ASTM A853 Standards.

Size: 14 1/2 gauge, minimum 6500 linear feet.
Box weight: 100 lbs
Coil wire, oil lubricated, plastic strapped, then in cardboard packing.


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